This was it for Liam Everts and his 2021 season!

A few weeks ago Liam made a great impression in the Italian dunes of Riola Sardo where he made his World Championship debut in the MX2 class. After that race the focus went back to the EMX250 championship. This championship had still six races to go. We fast forward to the last two Grand Prix races for the EMX250 class in Mantova. Sadly for Liam it all went wrong in time practice. Due to an unlucky crash Liam fell straight onto his shoulder. On first sight it looked like it was only serious muscle pain. But after the on-scene NMRI-photo in the professional MXGP Medical center, there was no other conclusion possible then that the shoulder blade was fractured. The...

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Liam Everts makes great debut in MX2 World Championship!

Past weekend, Liam Everts made his debut in the MX2 class of the World Championship Motocross. This he did at the MXGP of Sardegna in Riola Sardo, where a brutal sand track throughout the dunes was waiting on the riders.Because of the Fesh-Fesh type of sand, this track has an extra level of difficulty. Finding a good rhythm or the fastest lines isn’t always as easy because lines where always changing and ruts just disappear in this very thin beach sand. Liam was figuring out the track and qualified in twenty-third.In the first heat, Liam’ start wasn’t that great, coming through in fourteenth. In the first part of the race he fought to stay in this fourteenth place, but in...

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