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This was it for Liam Everts and his 2021 season!

A few weeks ago Liam made a great impression in the Italian dunes of Riola Sardo where he made his World Championship debut in the MX2 class. After that race the focus went back to the EMX250 championship. This championship had still six races to go. We fast forward to the last two Grand Prix races for the EMX250 class in Mantova. Sadly for Liam it all went wrong in time practice. Due to an unlucky crash Liam fell straight onto his shoulder. On first sight it looked like it was only serious muscle pain. But after the on-scene NMRI-photo in the professional MXGP Medical center, there was no other conclusion possible then that the shoulder blade was fractured. The...

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Liam lands on the podium in second EMX250 GP of 2021!

Oss, in North Brabant has a rich motocross history. Back in 1989, in the rookie season of father Stefan Everts, Oss was already on the World Championship calendar. But the track hadn’t seen World Championship Motocross action now since 1998. Back than it was the Italian Alessio Chiodi who took the win. But neither of the EMX250 riders was already born back then, so they where here to write their own history. In time-practice Liam noted a fifth time in his group, this resulted in a tenth place starting gate. When the gate dropped for the first heat, Liam found himself just hanging inside the top ten. The 16-year old quickly found his rhythm on the lovely track of Oss!...

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Liam announces title sponsor for 2021!

Let us start by wishing you all a happy new year. Like most of you, we’re hoping that 2021 turns out to be the year where SARS-CoV-2 becomes a controllable disease. This because the real champions of 2020, the healthcare workers, will only then really be able to take some rest. Another reason why we hope that COVID19 will eat dust in 2021, is the fact that racing without spectators isn’t the same. But we can’t control COVID19, except following the instructions from the governments. What we can control is the build up towards the 2021 season! In anticipation of the upcoming season, Team Liamski signed a deal with Lieven Vanlommel from Foodmaker. The Belgian food processing company creates ultra-fresh meals...

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