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Liam Everts gets decent results after months of inactivity

Two weeks ago, Liam competed in the first race of the Spanish championship. After more then six months of race inactivity due to his wrist injury, it was a bit unclear what to expect. However, the return to racing went pretty smoothly for the 72. In an field stacked with fast local Spaniards, Liam rode a good first heat finishing in sixth. At the start of the second heat, Liam took the holeshot! For a while the Foodmaker KTM rider was in the hunt for a top three place, but getting into lappers made him lose his rhythm what resulted in finishing fifth. These two results in the heats combined made him sixth in the overall day results. To build...

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Liam Everts gets back on his bike after weeks of COVID-19 Lock-down!

We all dealt, or are still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Belgium, most of Europe and even the world went in lockdown but still some of you lost a loved one and others became ill themselves. Some of you lost their job, temporary or otherwise, and some of you had to close your business temporarily because of the ‘Coronavirus’. Due to all these problems the 'SARS-CoV-2' virus created,  some of you saw their household income drastically being reduced. Knowing that hurt us, and it’s obvious that Liam and his family wishes you a lot of strength in the upcoming months to overcome these problems. Luckily there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Slowly but surely...

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How is Liam Everts dealing with a world controlled by the COVID19 crisis?!

After Liam Everts his EMX125 win in Matterley Basin and his top ten result in the EMX250 race of Valkenswaard, we saw the world come to a stop. This all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what plunged us in times of uncertainty. Hard decisions were made, countries went in lock down, races got postponed … This to protect the most important aspect of life, our health. So from here we also hope that you are all safe, healthy and in good spirits. Because there is no real end date and nobody really knows when or if we will be racing in 2020. We thought it wasn’t a bad idea to catch up with you followers. Liam Everts: “In this weird...

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