Liam Everts scores 8th overall in International MX2 Race at Axel!

As last preparation for the restart of the EMX-season, Liam raced the international test race at Axel in the Netherlands. After last weekend’s appearance in Arnhem on the 125cc bike, he would now race his KTM 250 SX-F bike in the MX2 class.
In the qualifying, the youngster managed to put the fifteenth time on to the tables. A decent place in this stacked field of Grand Prix and European 250 riders. From gate pick fifteen, we saw the ‘Gerry De Haes’ supported rider take a mid-pack start. Swiftly the KTM-rider made some passes, this resulting in going forward quickly. But after a unfortunate touch with a competitor Liam made a little crash and tumbled some places backwards on the leaderboard. Back to the twenty-fourth place. Back on the bike the by ‘VDK Autocars-Travel agency’ sponsored pilot could start fighting himself back to the front. Passing more than thirteen riders, eventuality landed him a hard fought eleventh place.
Liam Everts at Axel - Gino Maes

When the gates dropped for the second heat, Liam reacted like lightning. This great reaction on the gate combined with a smooth first corner gave him and his by Motorex lubricated KTM a nice sixth place. However, he soon got under pressure from some top contenders who didn’t got a great starts, and some of them could make their pass stick. Causing Liam to fall back towards nineth place. More in his rhythm the youngster climbs up to the eights place while he’s dicing around with the World Championship MX2 riders around him. While making the preparations to attack the seventh place too, the TDL-Group rider makes a little mistake what causes him to crash. Falling back too place thirteen, could cause a big deception, but for the leader in the EMX125 championship it only causes extra fire in his belly. In an effort to undo the damage, we see that the men in ‘Yoko’ puts down some fast laps on this beautiful, but brutal sand track in Axel. This putting him just outside the top ten, in eleventh position with still half of the race to go.
It is clear that the fire isn’t appeased, and Liam goes hunting. The target a place inside the top ten. For two-third of the race it looks like it is a lost case. But the mental and physical strength inside Liam refuses to give up. And indeed with only one-third of the race to go, we see that the by ‘4Gold’ endorsed athlete can keep his lap times low. Now his deficit on the rider in tenth is melting away. With only one lap to go Liam found himself in the ideal position to make a pass and that is what he did with success. Resulting in tenth place finish in the second moto!
With a eleventh place in the first race and a tenth place in the second race, Liam Everts scored at Axel an eight place overall in the MX2 class.

MX2 Results Axel

Moto1 Moto2 Overall Result

1. Jago Geerts - 18 Laps
2. Roan vd Moosdijk +18.988
3. Mathys Boisrame +25.081
4. Mikkel Haarup +25.767
5. Rene Hofer +42.902
11. LIAM EVERTS +1:41.955

1. Jago Geerts - 18 Laps
2. Roan vd Moosdijk +14.036
3. Mathys Boisrame +34.016
4. Rene Hofer +39.332
5. Mikkel Haarup +59.764
10. LIAM EVERTS +1:54.552

1. Jago Geerts - 50 Points
2. Roan vd Moosdijk - 44 p.
3. Mathys Boisrame - 40 p.
4. Rene Hofer - 34 p.
5. Mikkel Haarup - 34 p.
8. LIAM EVERTS - 21 p.

Text: Matthias Van  Eeckhoven - Photo's: Gino Maes