Liam Everts gets injured in Italian EMX125 round

In the beautiful scenery of Faenza, all young and promising riders came together to race the second round of the EMX125 championship. The leader in this championship was, after his dominating win in Matterley Basin, no one else then Liam Everts.
In timed qualifying, Liam showed promising speed, putting a fifth time on the clocks. In the first moto the Yoko-rider started in the top 5 in the first heat. A good start makes life always a bit easier wasn’t it that this good start went through the drain, Liam lost the front of the bike on one of the downhills. Quickly the youngster picked himself up, rejoining the race in twelfth position. On a mission to get as much points as possible, Liam made light work of the competition. Showing his speed from earlier in qualifying, he gained time and positions. This all resulting in another great comeback race of the Foodmaker rider. Finishing in a beautiful fifth place.
Photo: Gino Maes
At the second race of the day, Liam starts around the seventh position. In the first few laps of the race we see Liam getting into a great battle the third till seventh place. But the Maxxis-tires rider doesn’t seem to be into it! Instead of getting a piece of the action, he starts pointing towards his bike and slows his pace down. The reason for this will turn out to be that the bike was doing some strange things. Sadly enough the bike wasn’t done with acting up. Even after all the measurements Liam took to nurse the bike home, to score points, the bike stumbled on the face of a jump. Giving Liam no choice then jumping off his KTM. Causing a horrible crash and injuries.
Liam suffered a dislocated wrist, this wrist has been repositioned shortly after the crash in a local hospital. Just above the wrist, he has also broken his radius. Both injuries will be reevaluated in the coming week together with Doctor M.D. Claes. However it looks like that 2020 is finished for Liam.
Liam Everts: “I felt that the bike did some weird things. So I was trying to slow down a bit to nurse the bike to the finish. Sadly this didn’t worked out. At the face of a jump the bike blindsided me, by faltering. This giving me no choice then jumping of the bike. The results being what they are. I want to thank all people who send me messages on social media, it is impossible to react on all of them personally. It gives me goosebumps to see how you’re all sympathize with me. Also a big thank you to all our sponsors. 2020 has been a weird year and this isn’t the end I hoped. Still I know you will all be there for me in 2021, when I will be back.”

Result EMX125 Grand Prix - Faenza

Moto1 Moto2 Overall

1. Andrea Bonacorsi – 13 laps
2. Guillem Farres +0:13.830
3. Constantin Piller +0:16.691
4. David Braceras +0:20.423
5. LIAM EVERTS +0:29.081

1. Andrea Bonacorsi – 13 laps
2. Pietro Razzini +0:02.343
3. David Braceras +0:05.962
4. Guillem Farres +0:09.742
31. LIAM EVERTS + 5 laps

1. Andrea Bonacorsi - 50 points
2. Guillem Farres - 40 p.
3. David Braceras - 38 p.
4. Pietro Razzini - 35 p.
13. LIAM EVERTS - 16 p.


Photo: Gino Maes