Liam undergoes surgery on radius

Past Monday, Liam was expected at the AZ Herentals hospital. This for surgery on his right radius. The right radius healed himself in a wrongful position, creating an obstruction for the wrist to move. As solution, the radius needed to be refractured and repositioned, and the new position of the radius would be secured with an iron plate.
The surgery, where they performed the actions described, went well. Afterward, some swelling caused some problems and severe pain. But this got handled by changing the splint, a painful action that caused a little bleeding.
From now on it’s a waiting game, more we will know when Liam visits the doctor in a few weeks. Till then he will be busy with school! The youngster has till now completed all his classes successfully. And with only one class between him and his degree, Liam is determined to pass the exam in “La langue d’amour”. Indeed French will be his last class and to succeed in this he will partner up with a teacher and participate in a language camp.

Picture: Gino Maes