Liam scores up and down results in Dalecine and Kaplice (CZE)

After months of no racing, it will not sound like a surprise that Liam was thrilled to hear that he could go back to racing. For those first races after the global COVID-19 lockdown he and his entourage needed to travel towards Czechia. Where Richard Gironi and his Czech Championship got approval, of the local government, to organize at Dalecine and Kaplice.
It would become a special trip for the Everts Family, this because Dalecine has played a role in both Harry as Stefan their careers. Harry Everts won the Grand Prix in Dalecine back in 1981, and in the same year Stefan was already playing around on parts of the track on his 80cc bike. Little did SE72 knew that 8 years later he would claim his first Grand Prix podium that same track. Because in 1989, Stefan’ rookie season, he would finish on the third step of the podium.
Now more than 30 years later it was time for the third generation to tackle the Dalecine course! The track got a beautiful update and has now an aura of a modern day Grand Prix track.

For Liam the day started a little chaotic. Due to miscommunication, he thought he was in group 2 for the qualification because that was also his group for the free practice, he almost missed out on qualifying. But once being notified he was in group 1, he got his Yoko-clothes, Sidi-boots, 6D Helmet and Oakley goggles on and got off to the track. A bit nervous due to what happened Liam qualified himself as 25th.
From this 25th gate pick, Liam took a decent start that gave him a position just outside the top fifteen. After a crash in the fourth lap, the Foodmaker supported rider tumbled down in the leaderboards to a 29th place. Liam picked up his bike and fought himself, with a few hick-ups along the way, back to finish in twenty-second place.
In the second heat the KTM rider came off the line as 27th. But in these first few laps the young Belgian raced as a man possessed. Slicing through the pack like a hot knife through butter. In no time Liam found himself in eleventh position. About halfway through the race he moved up to tenth. Only to crash a few laps later and finish into a nice twelfth.
After the race in Dalecine, Liam and his family stayed in the Czech Republic to train on a few of the beautiful tracks this country has to offer.
A wonderful trip to the Czech Republic ended with competing in the second round of the local championship. This race was set on the old school track of Kapelice. On this magnificent track Liam didn’t qualified great, with a tenth place in his group resulting in a twentieth gate pick.
In the first heat the start went horrendous coming through the first corners around thirtieth place. Nonetheless the young ‘4Gold’ rider took his race in his own hands. Fighting his way up the leaderboard, something that went steadily, and with an extra push in the second half of the race he would reach the finish in ninth.
At the second heat of the race Liam shot out of the gate like a Rocketship. This gave him a position between some of the world’s best motocross-riders on a 250cc bike. Little overwhelmed by that fact and the surplus of intensity in the top 5. And being on the receiving end of a blockpass and a few mistakes later Liam tumbled back towards the sixteenth position. But the young ‘TDL Group’ sponsored rider knows that nothing comes for nothing. Battling his way up, through this cumbersome race, to finish just outside the top ten in twelfth.
The road trip to Czechia gave us two beautiful races and superb practice week. After a long time without races, this felt awesome. Now we’re counting down towards the international races in Arnhem and Axel. This so we’re ready for the restart of the European championship. If all goes well you will find Liam in all three of the EMX250 rounds in Latvia!!

MX2 Results Dalecine

Moto1 Moto2 Overall Result

1. Vialle Tom – 16 Laps
2. Geerts Jago +11.303
3. Hofer Rene +25.621
4. Šikyňa Richard +28.353
5. Laengenfelder Simon +34.313
22. Everts Liam +1 lap

1. Vialle Tom – 16 laps
2. Hofer Rene +17.470
3. Laengenfelder Simon +21.160
4. Šikyňa Richard +34.370
5. Terešák Jakub +51.690
12. Everts Liam +1:41.910

1. Vialle Tom – 50 points
2. Hofer Rene – 42 p.
3. Laengenfelder Simon – 36 p.
4. Šikyňa Richard – 36 p.
5. Terešák Jakub – 31 p.
17. Liam Everts 9 p.

MX2 Results Kapelice

Moto1 Moto2 Overall Result

1. Geerts Jago – 15 Laps
2. Vialle Tom +02.675
3. Sandner Michael +47.378
4. Šikyňa Richard +53.835
5. Hofer Rene +1:02.570
9. Everts Liam +1:45.694

1. Geerts Jago – 15 laps
2. Vialle Tom +0.800
3. Šikyňa Richard +1:03.200
4. Hofer Rene +1:10.450
5. Kovacs Adam Zsolt +1:37.242
12. Everts Liam + 1 lap

1. Geerts Jago – 50 points
2. Vialle Tom – 44 p.
3. Šikyňa Richard – 38 p.
4. Sandner Michael – 35 p.
5. Hofer Rene – 34 p.
10. Liam Everts 21 p.