Liam scores top 10 result in EMX250 debut!

Past weekend Liam Everts made his debut in the European 250cc Championship also known as the EMX250 championship. With his main goal and focus in 2020 still being the European 125cc title, this EMX250 race in Valkenswaard (Netherlands) was more about the experience than the result. However this race was the perfect opportunity for the young KTM rider to test how far he is in his development. To assess what kind of level the Yoko-clothed rider can bring in the highly competitive EMX250 class, the class he will compete in 2021.
From moment one on the track the still only 15-year old Belgian looked like a true veteran. Last year he struggled to get through qualifying in the EMX125 Valkenswaard. But this year in an unfamiliar class and on his KTM 250 SX-F, a bike he never rode before in any international race, he never came into trouble. The by Maxxis-tires supported Belgian got his name as 14th on the tables.
In the first heat Liam got a decent start inside the top ten. After a few laps the by TDL-Group sponsored rider got into a three man battle for the fifth position. At one certain moment Liam even took fifth position but after a few more laps he would finish into seventh position, with sixth place rider less than one second in front of him.
The second heat started a bit messy. The by VDK Autocars – Reisburo  sponsored rider got tangled up with one of his competitors. This ruined the possibility of a good start. Liam came through the first corners outside the top twenty. What we saw then, on this by weather transformed brutal sand track, was a great comeback. Using the full skillset that a motocross rider needs. The KTM rider fought himself back up, first towards the top fifteen, then towards the top ten. This to finish into a well-deserved seventh place. As a result of a disqualifying of one of the riders in front of him, Liam got the sixth place handed to him after the finish line.
Hereby we can conclude that this EMX250 debut went very well. Finishing the weekend with a 7th and a 6th place in the heats, what resulted in a 6th place overall in Liamski first EMX250 Grand Prix. Now it’s time to use the special products from 4Gold to recuperate and get ready for the next races. Due to the Coronavirus smothering Italy, we already got confirmation that the race in Pietramurata is postponed from 4th and 5th April towards the 18th and 19th July. About the other races we’ve no info yet. If something changes, we will let you know. 

Text: Matthias Van Eeckhoven - Pictures: Gino Maes
Moto1 Moto2 Overall Results
1. B. Boegh Damm 29:58.958
2. Isak Gifting+0:22.743
3. J-M Talviku +0:27.086
4. Kay de Wolf +0:29.598
5. Lion Florian +0:34.531
7. Liam Everts +0:36.834
1. B. Boegh Damm 29:38.873
2. Thibault Benistant +0:01.820
3. Andrea Adamo +0:08.612
4. Mattia Guadagnini +0:10.181
5. Karel Kutsar +0:17.307
6. Liam Everts +0:24.199
1. B. Boegh Damm 50 points
2. Isak Gifting 34 p.
3. Andrea Adamo 33 p.
4. Thibault Benistant 32 p.
5. Lion Florian 30 p.
6. Liam Everts 29 p.