Liam Everts wins 125 Class in Arnhem!

Past weekend Liam Everts rode at Arnhem on the beautiful track of ‘Motorsport Park Gelderland Midden’. After lots of 250cc action, Liam chose to ride the KTM 125SX machine in Arnhem.
In the morning on a track without any real ruts Liam took the third time in qualifying. This gave him one of the first choices to pick a starting gate. Sadly it didn’t brought the “Topsport Vlaanderen”-supported rider a holeshot. His start wasn’t good but neither was it bad, being in fourth position. With no time to waste Liam went straight to the third position, where he got into a battle for second. With the track being a bit one-lined and still being pretty smooth getting around the man in second wasn’t a easy task. But once halfway through the race the men in ‘Yoko’ found a place to make the move. The next few laps Liam closed the gap towards the leader in the race and we saw a interesting battle for the race win. For one brief moment Liam took the lead, but a few moments later a hick-up with some lappers would set him back towards second. Liam stayed close and kept putting pressure on the leader, but he didn’t made any errors. This resulting in the ‘Crossbox’ supported rider finishing second at one second.

Liam Everts 2 - Mxfotograaf - Leon van der Lee

At the start of the second heat, Liam came out of the gate in fifth position. One of the faster starters went backwards rapidly, this resulting in Liam going one place up on the leaderboard. For little less then two third of the race Liam couldn’t make any progress, being stuck at fourth. But then the ‘Regina Chain’ rider found an extra gear. With four very fast laps, laps who were more than one second faster then his competitors, he rode himself to the lead of the race. A place he would keep till the finish.

With his second place in the first heat and this win in the final heat, Liam secured himself of the 125cc overall in Arnhem! If all goes to plan, Liam will race his KTM 250 SX-F in Axel.

Pictures: Ed Bulk & MXFotograaf - Leon van der Lee

Result 125 Class - Arnhem
Moto1 Moto2 Overall Result

1. Nikita Kucherov - 15 laps
2. LIAM EVERTS +1.189
3. Saad Soulimani +21.028
4. Kay Karssemakers +25.769
5. Scott Smulders +26.065

2. Nikita Kucherov +3.489
3. David Braceras +12.675
4. Saad Soulimani +16.169
5. Kay Karssemakers +30.709

1. LIAM EVERTS - 47 points
2. Nikita Kucherov - 47 p.
3. Saad Soulimani - 38 p.
4. David Braceras - 35 p.
5. Kay Karssemakers - 34 p.