Liam Everts gets top ten in first EMX250 Grand Prix!

Past weekend Liam started in the first EMX250 Grand Prix of the season. This race was contested on the beautiful track of Matterley Basin in Great Britain! The highly anticipated first EMX250 race weekend started with a fifth time in Qualification Group B for Liam. That resulted in a tenth starting gate.

When the gate dropped for the first heat, Liam took a great start! After a few laps Liam settled himself into sixth. Halfway into the race we saw a little crash in one of the downhills, what dropped him back towards the twelfth place in to the race. He would defend this place by tooth and nail. Resulting in finishing also in twelfth.

In the second heat Liam took a worse start than hoped. Way back in the pack, he showed his speed. Making work of fighting his way towards a decent points scoring position. This hard work resulted in a nice top ten finish at the finish line!

Both results combined gives Liam an ninth place overall finish, this in the first EMX250 Grand Prix of the season.

Upcoming weekend, Liam will race the ADAC Masters in Bielstein. Tickets are on sale from €24, for the whole weekend, on the website of the ADAC MX Masters.