Kegums 3.0 brings Liam' another top 10 result!

Past Saturday all EMX250 riders tried to qualify themselves, a third time in less then ten days, for a grand prix hosted at Kegums in Latvia. Liam wasn’t too happy with the result at ‘Kegums 1.0’ but a few days later he redeemed himself with an nice result at Kegums 2.0.
Liam Everts at Kegums

That last result left us hopeful for Kegums 3.0. But once again timed qualification didn’t went smoothly. Overwhelmed with tension Liam was unable to find the right flow. With a twenty-fourth time, the Sidi-boots rider performed far under his true abilities and pace. Then again, the youngster already showed that a bad gate pick doesn’t necessary keeps him from scoring nice results and big points.
On the other hand a bad start gate, makes for sure things a little harder. That is what we see at the start of the first heat, where Liam comes through the first corners into twenty-eight position. With an aggressive first lap Liam fights his way up to nineteenth, and a few laps later he goes straight up to fifteenth place. Putting down quick steady laps, that is what the Maxxis-tires rider does, and that helps him with gaining places. Taking another two places and going up to the thirteenth place. Still Liam’ hunger isn’t over yet. He goes full out till the checkered flag falls, where he finishes as eleventh. Just one second short to the rider in tenth. What a comeback from the 16-year old!
In the second moto the start isn’t great either. With more luck then skill, we see that Liam escapes getting tangled in a start crash, just in front of him. Lady Luck blows him a kiss and he races on, this around fifteenth position. The first few laps he gains two positions, climbing up to the thirteenth place. In two laps Liam rushes from thirteenth to an astonishing ninth. Once in ninth he throws himself into the fight for seventh and eight position. After six laps of battling with his competitors Liam finishes eighth!
After the disqualification of another EMX250 rider, Liam would gain one place in the official result. This made his score at Kegums 3.0: 11 place and an 7 place. Combined this gave him the seventh place in the overall classification. In the EMX250 championship we can find the Yoko rider at the seventh place with 87 points.
Liam Everts: “The first EMX250 Grand Prix in Kegums wasn’t what I hoped for. But I’m pretty happy with the results I’ve scored at the Kegums 2.0 and Kegums 3.0 races. Also looking at the list of riders who all got hurt, than I’m very happy to go home unscathed. We can build on this.”

Result EMX250 Grand Prix - Kegums 3

Moto1 Moto2 Overall

1. Thibault Benistant – 14 laps
2. Kay de Wolf +0:03.241
3. Tim Edberg +0:10.007
4. Mattia Guadagnini +0:16.534
5. Meico Vettik +0:18.634
11. LIAM EVERTS +0:40.236

1. Mattia Guadagnini – 14 laps
2. Kay de Wolf +0:04.059
3. Thibault Benistant +0:06.753
4. Meico Vettik +0:40.046
5. Bastian B. Damm +0:46.143
7. LIAM EVERTS +0:48.075

1. Thibault Benistant 45 points
2. Kay de Wolf 44 p.
3. Mattia Guadagnini 43 p.
4. Meico Vettik 34 p.
5. Tim Edberg 30 p.
7. LIAM EVERTS 24 p.